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Storage Tips

Plan Storage: 

  • Choose Secure facility
  • Identify what needs packed
  • Separate items you will access frequently
  • Ensure you have plenty of supplies: boxes, paper, tape, etc. 
  • Gather uniform size boxes for easier stacking

Pick Unit: 

  • Ask management for help determining correct size
  • Rent smallest amount of space needed
  • Pack it full
  • Consider if you will need to add items later
  • Ensure unit is truck-accessible


  • Organize packing now to save time later
  • Clean and drain appliances before storage
  • Place items you may need first in the front, such as: vacuum, cleaning supplies and towels
  • Allow for walkway to back of unit
  • Organize rooms in sections and clearly mark all boxes

Pack Efficiently: 

  • Invest in sturdy boxes, not plastic
  • Use bubble wrap for cleaner, easier identification
  • Fill boxes to capacity
  • Label all boxes, especially "FRAGILE"
  • Wrap breakables separately
  • Ask about wardrobe boxes 

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